Pause! A Day of Renewal. October 24th

One day I was moving so fast between appointments and chores, obligations and intentions, commitments and being perfect that I said out loud, ‘I wish I could just hit “pause”. When did it all get so frantic and jumbled? What happened to “being enough as I am” and enjoying the moments?

Pause! – A day of renewal.

Pause in the midst of your busy life to reconnect to your self, to play, to explore the treasured qualities of yourself that you may have forgotten along the way. Gift yourself a day of affirmation and celebration in the company of other women. Leave rejuvenated and inspired.

In this pause-workshop we’ll explore:

  • Worthiness and belonging. How to create space for acceptance and honouring. Inspired by Brene Brown’s work in The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly let’s explore how to discover and reconnect to our belief in ourselves.
  • Being your authentic self. What wish is in your heart? If you honoured your self, what would become stronger, more radiant?
  • Connecting to joy and fulfillment. Leave with a sense of what makes it all worthwhile and how to bring balance into your life.
  • Celebrate what makes you unique. Own that you have gifts and that you are glorious.
  • How can you practice Gratitude with a knowing that you are enough?

Create a moment of wellness and balance for yourself. Take a Pause. Breathe, regroup, be inspired.         Gift yourself one day where you check out of the rush of everything else and just focus on you.

We’ll spend the day exploring in an experiential workshop format – lots of talking, exploring and laughing- with videos, movement, dialogue circles, journaling. You’ll leave rejuvenated and connected to your essential self. In this small group you’ll receive life coaching as we encourage each other’s exploration of who we are and who we dream of being.


Date: October 24th, 9:30-4:30

  • Workshop Price: $225 +HST.
  • Workshop is limited to 15 participants. (minimum of 5 participants required to make this a fabulous experience)
  • No experience necessary. This day will be tailored to YOU.
  • To Register please email:
  • The workshop will be held at the Beyond Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre, 3-66 HEARST WAY, KANATA, ON K2L 2P4


I am an international life and leadership coach with 20 years experience in inspiring people to reach within and discover the best parts of themselves. My sweet spot is somewhere between tender and bold.

I am bold, daring, creative, dreaming, mystical and glorious. Who are you?


Learn. Live. Lead


email me at


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