Life Coaching

  • Is there an aspect of yourSELF that you haven’t realized yet?
    Do you feel you have potential that isn’t being tapped into?
  • Do you want to rediscover your sense of purpose and the meaning of your life or work?
  • Do you want to increase your ability to anticipate or welcome change?
  • Do you wish you were passionate about life?

When you Learn you expand your thinking, your awareness and your sense of self. When you Live these lessons, you feel authentic and engaged. Connected to a sense of purpose, you breathe enthusiasm, momentum and conviction, and thus inspire and Lead those around you.

Learn, Live, Lead.

 When you combine all three, your life becomes a contribution, a legacy to those around you.

Experience Life Differently 

What if there really is more than one right answer. Life is best experienced with passion, conviction and adventure. How do you create the time, opportunity, environment to answer your biggest questions? To develop the leadership strengths that our organizations, our communities and our world needs? Come and explore how Advivum is helping others experience life differently.

What is a coaching process?

  1. Set the desired outcomes and measure A coaching engagement starts with us working together to set goals which may be ones that you set for your own growth or may be ones asked of you by your organization.
  2. Assess current reality Once your goals are set it is important to build a good understanding of the existing lay of the land. Collecting data from important stakeholders in order to more clearly see the reality that forms your starting point.
  3. Begin coaching conversations The coaching conversations will bring you through the stages of performance from insight, choice and learning to action and leadership. This part of the process is full of dialogue, tools, strategies and action plans together with regular assessments of your progress as you integrate your learnings.
  4. Welcome endless possibility All coaching engagements end in a celebration of the new insights and skills gained and with a deep connection to the possibility that now awaits you.

“With Tania as my coach, I have increased my understanding of team dynamics, gained confidence and enhanced my effectiveness as a leader. She has helped me see other perspectives and gives me practical tools that are vital to putting an effective process and solid leadership culture in place. Her experience helps me bring new ideas to our company and her personal integrity creates a safe environment for my growth.”

Allison Simpkins

President, Non-Linear Digital inc.

If you think that we might have impact and enjoy working together then give me a call. I believe that one of most important determinants of success is the dynamic if our working relationship. So lets meet for coffee, in person or over the phone, and decide how to best access your leadership discoveries. Tania

contact me:


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